Prepared For A Disaster

The purpose of this training is to build personal preparedness for natural and other disasters that may occur. Personal preparedness of people with disabilities can assist in coping and recovering from disaster. 

New Zealand has a National Civil Defence Emergency, Management Plan (CDEM plan). The vision of this plan is for a resilient New Zealand. 

  • The Plan states that individuals and communities must be able to care for themselves and each other when normal functions of daily life are disrupted.
  • Civil Defence Emergency Management provides support if communities are overwhelmed.

Resilience can be defined as the ability of an entity (an individual or organisation) to absorb and adapt to sudden change without losing its function or character. Alternatively, the capability to anticipate risk, limit impact, and bounce back rapidly in the face of turbulent change. 

Some features of resilience are:

  1. Understanding and anticipating potential disruption
  2. Being ‘change-ready’
  3. Ability to resist or withstand shocks
  4. Having survival and coping strategies
  5. Being capable, adaptable, resourceful, and innovative
  6. Learning from experience and ‘build back better’.  

Individuals, families, and communities must be prepared to look after themselves for around five days and more. Civil Defence resources are prioritised, and for some communities this may mean having to fend for yourself for more than three days. This means you need to be prepared.  

Contact the Taranaki Disabilities Information Centre on 06 759 0019 and learn how you and your whanau can STAY SAFE, STAY INFORMED and get through.