Disability Awareness Training

This workshop has been designed to develop skills that will help you communicate and work with disabled people.

By creating an ‘Accessible Taranaki’ we play a major role in promoting independence. Working together through this program will create opportunities to rethink ideas about disability, shift perceptions about disabled people, and encourage creative and effective designs for inclusive services.

Our goal is to bring you the most accessible and helpful information available.

Learning outcomes

  • Increased awareness, enabling you to be part of an inclusive community and achieve equality for people with disabilities.

  • Understanding the value of inclusion and participation of disabled people within our communities.

  • Knowledge and skills to help you ensure people with a disability can access services on the same terms as any other consumer. 

Topics we cover

  • Disability increases with age

  • Breaking down barriers

  • Asking if there is anything specific they need

  • Values, beliefs, and attitudes

  • Communication skills

  • Service animals

When is our next course?

Check our events page to see when our next disability awareness training course is being held.

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How much does this course cost?


How do I register for this course?

Express your interest, contact us on Ph: 06 7590019 or email: info@taranakidic.org.nz