Disability Information Advisory Service

Disability Information Advisory Service (DIAS)


What is a DIAS?

The Ministry of Health funds a number of organisations throughout the country to provide disability information and advice in the form of a DIAS. Some of these services are individual regional organisations while others provide information through a national network.

What does a DIAS do?

A DIAS provides independent information and/or advice to disabled people, their families, whanau, caregivers, providers and the general public. This information should be accessible and appropriate to the needs of the information seeker.

A DIAS provides information on both Ministry and non-Ministry funded disability support services and how you can find them. This information may include how to find support and advocacy groups, how to find a Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination (NASC) organisation and other community information, as well as specific information related to a particular disability.

Who can use a DIAS?

The service is available to everyone and there is no charge to use it. You can make use of the DIAS service whenever you chose.

Where can I get more information?

Contact details for DIAS can be found online at www.health.govt.nz/disability under ‘contact’ The New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres (NZFDIC) has several member organisations throughout New Zealand.


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