New Plymouth Crossing Improvements

group at crossing

NPDC Transportation Project Manager Kevin Munisamy, Councillor Sam Bennett, Erica Perry and Nancy Blackstock from the council's Accessibility & Age Working Party, at the crossing on Courtenay St which has a new layout to make it more accessible.

A recent Taranaki Daily news item reported that a pedestrian crossing on New Plymouth's busy Courtenay St has been altered to ensure that those with disabilities no longer have to struggle to reach the button.

Layout changes have seen the removal of a berm at the edge of the garden area in which the light pole stands.

Erica Perry, a member of the New Plymouth District Council age and accessibility committee, said she had been sick of getting her feet muddy, having to step up over the ledge and into the garden to reach the button.

"I just think it will mean the world to a lot of people, especially the elderly if they can't reach their arms out far,” Perry said.

Nancy Blackstock, another member of the committee, said the ability to reach the button had made her a bit more independent.

“If you've got to wait for someone to come and press the button so you can cross the road, it makes your day a little bit longer.”

The crossing on Tukapa St, at the Westown shops, had also been changed to make it more accessible, councillor Sam Bennett said.

“It might be a small thing that we see, but it really impacts their lives on a daily basis,” he said.