Our vision

Our Vision 

  • Knowledge
  • Access
  • Acceptance
  • Strategic Plan

Our Mission

  • We provide accessible resources which will empower people with disabilities to make personal choices about their qaulity of life.
  • Improving qaulity of life
  • Personal empowerment
  • Knowledge of our community

Our Purpose

  • Secure access to resources such as information, funding, equipment, and training according to community need.
  • To raise awareness of the needs of people with disabilities.
  • To provide leadership to unite the sector to ensure benefit for users and providers.
  • To be holistic, pan-sector information provider.

Our Values

  • The centre was created by Taranaki People for Taranaki people.
  • All activities are under taken with passion, trust, respect, openess and mutual support.
  • Within New Zealand Federation of Disabilities Information Centres standards.
  • Undertake Viable and sustainable activities to respond to the changing demographic needs of the community.


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28 Young Street, New Plymouth 4310
PO Box 1550 Westown
New Plymouth 4340