Our Team

Our Team is the Centre, or the centre is the team, that creates the right environment with increased productivity. Building strong relationships within your team enhances productivity, and a balanced view towards customer engagement with genuin concern.


Brian Eriksen - General Manager 

A smiling headshot of Brian

Brian leads by example with this calm and supportive manner and has a wealth of implicit knowledge which can only be gained by many years of working in the field and behind the scenes striving to make Taranaki better accessible for all.

Marama Simeon - Equipment Information Facilitator 

Marama is dedicated to a high level of customer satisfaction and thinking skills with a praticle ability to listen well to the individual person's needs, and a driven goal for equalness. 

Naida Turirangi - Accountant Coordinator

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Naida comes in to help balance the books and prepare board and management reports as required. Naida assists with a number of not-for-profit organisations with time spent in her office space doing accounting and tax returns. Away from the office, Naida is very passionate about spending time with whānau and friends.


Kathryn Ham - Funding Coordinator

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Kathryn's role at this busy ‘hub’ is Funding Coordinator. The support and initiatives we provide on a daily basis ensures we meet funding criteria for many funders.  We are very grateful for the support we receive and the work we are able to achieve due to this support.



Glenda Eriksen - Scooter Facilitator

A smiling headshot pf Glenda

Glenda Eriksen is the Centres leading lady for booking your Mobility Scooter for Taranaki's water front walkway, and Pukekura Park. Glenda can also whip up and manage your occasion with a menu to your needs. No matter how you slice it, Glenda will cater to your needs.



Jeanette Riordan - Housekeeping

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Two mornings a week Jeanette spends time here working behind the scenes for our comfort and well being. While she is here she loves to interact with everyone and to see the work and support that happens here on a daily basis.


Joan Peterson - Volunteer  

Joan is married to Larry Peterson, raised three children, and now has time to devote to a number of volunteer groups in New Plymouth including TDICT.




Our Team is the Centre, or the centre is a team, and its about creating the right environment with increased productivity. Building strong relationships with balance that enhances productivity and passion.


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